A beautiful garden is not just a place to relax, it is also an investment in your property. At Sweet Homes we offer a wide range of services including lawn maintenance, commercial and residential landscaping services providing vibrant and beautiful lifespace.

Our Services

Garden maintenance

We have all the equipment and knowledge to keep your lawns and garden in its very best condition and could set up a seasonal plan to make sure it is looking great all year round.
Everything you need in one place.

Let our experts take care of your property.

We service the following regions: Queenstown (Centre), Fernhill, Sunshine Bay, Glenorchy, Arthurs Point, Hanleys Farm, Jacks Point, Frankton, Dalefiel, Speargrass Flats, Shotover Country, Lake Hayes Estate, Arrowtown and Crown Range.

Yes. Our minimum charge is 2 hours, which may include travel time (it depends on the location

In the gardening services it includes labour, pruning, trimming, weed spraying, weeding, etc. Any other supplies or services that may be needed are charged at cost price, plus delivery or freight fee. (Machinery, green waste disposal, plants, fertilizer, etc)
If the service happens to take longer than expected our head gardener would contact you first to get approval (in case the reason for the service taking long is beyond our control), otherwise, we would stick to the quoted price.

Yes, some of the gardening services can be affected by weather. Specially raining (most services) and heavy winds (for weed spraying)

We have our own equipment, so you won’t need to supply anything, unless you have specific requirements or preferred productos/chemicals, etc.

Most of the time we can help and service your property on Saturdays, although it is one of our busiest days. If the weekend is your only availability or preferred days we advise you to book with some notice.

It all depends how complex and robust your irrigation system is, but most times irrigation systems are very low maintenance if they are installed correctly and well looked after.

All year round it is a good time, it all depends on the type of project. Talk to our Garden & Landscaping specialist to discuss the details and advice for your project.

Changes can happen, although it can alter the cost and time of the project.

We are here to help, book a visit to discuss what projects would be suitable for your space and we will be more than happy to help and advise you through planning and execution.

After understanding your project and planning every step it is possible for us to provide an estimated cost for your project.

It certainly will, landscaping is something that always increases value in a property, of course when it is well maintained. Generally speaking it can increase between 9 – 13% in your property resale value.

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